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Introducing TSQPF

The Teamspeak Query Plugin Framework enables Teamspeak server administrators to add even more features to their server than would be possible otherwise.

A very ambitious project

We created the framework with useability in mind, so everyone can get started without having to read through pages after pages before even having an idea of how it works.

Additionally, its source code is open to everyone who wants to take a look in to the inner workings, making it easier to develop plugins.

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We're trying to accomplish a lot with this project. Here are some achievements we've already unlocked:

  • Easy setup
  • Modular structure
  • Deep documentation
  • Frequent updates
  • Lightweight design
  • Cross-platform support

All the latest news

Here you can find all the latest news regarding the Teamspeak Query Plugin Framework.

March 26, 2020

TSQPF 2.1 Released

It's done! We've finished the development of the TSQPF version 2.1.0. If you want to have a read what all changes do, please refer to our preview post about the...

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March 21, 2020

TSQPF 2.1.0 First Alpha Launched

Interested in what's new in TSQPF 2.1.0? Its first preview version is here, and you can now try out and test all new features. If you want to run the...

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February 8, 2020

TSQPF 2.0 released!

Hey folks! So we've finally come around to releasing the 2.0 version of our Teamspeak Query Plugin Framework. With it come a reworked plugin system, detailed documentation, bug fixes and...

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Contribute and co-develop

If you have an idea which you think should be included in the next update, you can always open a feature request on our GitHub page. We frequently review all issues and reply to them. If we think your idea is appropriate, we will add it in the next version and give you all credits for your idea.

Assuming you've already written some code, you can always create a new pull request, which will be reviewed as soon as possible.

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Support us

Software development is a very time consuming task, especially ragarding software that needs to be contantly maintained.

If you want to support us, please consider donating to us via our Ko-Fi page.

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